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Vehicle Investment Protection

For all VIP inquiries, please contact your area’s district manager or VIP
at 1-877-273-1736.

  • New and Pre-Owned (6 model years from current year) Financed Vehicles
  • Loan Values up to $120,000.00
  • Contract Limits to Maximum 96 Months
  • In-Store Loyalty Credit up to $50,000.00

Vehicle Investment Protection (VIP) is an exciting and unique loyalty product for you to offer to your dealership customers. In the event of a Total Loss of the Covered Vehicle, the “VIP Service Plan” provides the customer a store credit to use towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle.

The In-Store-Loyalty Credit is the difference between the Outstanding Loan Amount and the settlement amount paid by the customer’s Primary Insurance Carrier. A total loss is determined by the primary insurance carrier which may include fire, accident or theft.

VIP Equity Graph


The structure of the program helps drive customer loyalty and encourage repeat buyers through your dealership.


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