MDA Services Ltd.


Wye Management

MDA Services Ltd. provides customized dealership training as needed by performance reviews.  This includes training sessions inside and outside the dealership by MDA Services Ltd. staff as well as in-dealership and workshop training by Wye Management a nationally recognized training company.

MDA's Video Success Tip's Featuring Chris Schulthies of Wye Management

Business Office Basics

A Professional Look


Panic of Payment

The Four 100's

Staggered Turnover

Credit Insurance

Selling Insurance

Credit Applications

Presenting Insurance: Part One

Presenting Insurance: Part Two

Vehicle Delivery

Extended Service Plans

Marketing Extended Service Plans


Sales Endorsements



Menu Selling

What is Menu Selling

Menu Selling FAQ

Menu Sales Process

Benefits of Menu Selling: Part One

Benefits of Menu Selling: Part Two

Introducing the Menu to Customers

Handling Customer Objections

Special Finance

Are You In?: Part One

Are You In?: Part Two

Evolving Your Sales Process

Pulling Credit Reports: Part One

Pulling Credit Reports: Part Two

Closing the Non-Prime Deal: Part One

Closing the Non-Prime Deal: Part Two

Cash Conversions

Convert "Cash" Customers to Dealer Finance

Converting the Cash Customer